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Llama Wool Ruana Shawl


This Llama wool shawl is called a "Ruana" in Argentina, being both a wearable open poncho-like wrap or a blanket/throw, it's versatile and ultra warming.

The Llama wool weave is loose and elegant with fringe on the ends of the weaving. Useful for looking chic while also staying warm for day-to-night events or always having on hand at home.

Woven by expert artisans in Northern Argentina, these Ruanas are sourced directly from an artisan cooperative in the high Andes mountains. In crafting each product, made from the finest llama or sheep wool, these artisans transmit their ancestral knowledge. Each piece is one sustainably made, in line with the highest environmental standards .

Care & Cleaning:

Please spot clean with cold water, hand wash only with cold water and hang to dry. This is a wool product that is made entirely by hand so we recommend taking extra care when cleaning.

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