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About Us

Kullawa is dedicated to bringing you quality handmade products that will give your home a deep sense of authenticity, warmth and character.

Prade is the name behind Kullawa. 

Born and raised in rural Chile, I have always been interested in ancient cultures of South America. I strongly believe that new interpretations of traditional techniques bring boundless beauty and warmth into the home.

Working for several years as a Tour Leader in Chile allowed me to make contact with the most remote part of Chile and its people, which opened my eyes and developed my interest into other sites and cultures of Latin America.

After moving to New Zealand at the end of 2013, I decided to share my love and passion for South American Art by founding Kullawa in 2015.

Many times a handcrafted item is built or designed using proven methods used for hundreds or even thousands of years. I think that adds value and uniqueness to a product in today’s society of mass production.

Kullawa textiles and cowhide items are sourced in Chile, Bolivia Peru and Argentina.

Our blankets and rugs are made of 100% hand-spun sheep's wool. The wool is dyed using natural dyes and each rug is unique in colour and design. 
All of our hides are sourced from Argentina, and are produced purely as a by-product of the meat and milk farming industries.