Beaded Chandelier Small
Beaded Chandelier Small

Beaded Chandelier Small


From rustic romance to serene seaside style, this fixture creates a wonderful ambiance. 

Still carrying that classic chandelier shape, these beaded beauties offer a more relaxed, bohemian take on their crystal counterparts.

They might not be sparkly, but these beaded beauties still make one hell of a style statement.

Beaded chandeliers can be incorporated in almost any interior style – whether your home has a more rustic, scandi or elegant look. Wood beaded chandeliers look just as good in a bedroom or nursery as they do dangling in the living room or above the dining table. Plus, they look just as good when they’re off as they do when they’re on, making them the perfect summer lighting showpiece.

Approximately 30cm x 50cm

Does not come with electrics