Where do you source your products?

Kullawa textiles and cowhides items are sourced in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. All of our stock is selected by owner Prade Donoso.

What are Kullawa frazadas made of?

Our frazadas are made of 100% hand-spun sheep's wool. The wool is dyed using natural dyes and each rug is unique in colour and design. 

How do I care for my Kullawa frazada?

Delicate in nature, we suggest dry cleaning your Kullawa rug to avoid misshaping and/or colour running. 

How Ethical are Cowhide rugs?

All of our hides are sourced from Argentina, and are produced purely as a by-product of the meat and milk farming industries. The cows are reared free range in Argentina, where they have ample space to roam and are fed a natural grass diet. (They are not confined in small dark spaces or fed corn from feedlots as in other parts of the world). If you are happy to eat meat, then utilising animal leather for homewares, shoes, handbags etc, ensures that every part of the animal is utilised to greatest effect.

How are cowhides tanned?

All our hides are tanned using the chromium tanning method (which gives the back of the hide it’s distinctive blue/grey colour). This is the best technique for a soft, supple leather.

Will my cowhide shed hair over time?

No, the tanning method ensures that your cowhide will not shed over time. With a little care and attention (regular, gentle vaccuming/shaking to remove dirt and debris) your hide will last a lifetime.

Using the hide means that every part of the animal is utilised – maximising the resource. If you are comfortable eating steak, wearing leather shoes, or sitting on a leather sofa then there is no reason you should not enjoy a beautiful hair-on hide rug or cushion. Man has utilised animal skins for warmth and comfort since time began, and we hope that our beautiful cowhide products will bring warmth and comfort to your home for years to come.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently offer delivery as standard only within New Zealand. If you live outside New Zealand and wish to place an order, please contact us at info@kullawa.com for a shipping quote. 

Do you accept returns?

All online orders are FINAL SALE. 

Do you wholesale your products?

Please email info@kullawa.com for wholesale inquiries. 

Do you accept large or custom orders?

Please contact info@kullawa.com with your order inquiry.