Mapuche Table Runner
Mapuche Table Runner

Mapuche Table Runner

100 % hand spun sheep wool
31 x 103 cm

This handwoven table runner would look equally good in the kitchen, dining room, or dresser/bureau.

This textile has been handwoven of hand spun wool and dye using natural pigments in Chile by indigenous Mapuche women from rural communities.  

Each piece is a unique reflection of the rich colour palette of the landscape and the season in which it was created.

We are certain this handwoven table runner is sure to bring a personal and unique touch to any home!

Care instructions: handwash in cold water, mild soap, dry flat or dry clean

It is possible that you will encounter small pieces of twig or plant debris in the woven fibres of this textile, these will have become tangled in the yarn during the dyeing process, and are harmless reminders that this is not a factory – made item!